Fast Growing Trees

Fast growing trees – trees that grow faster and provide us with wood, blossom, fruit or/and aesthetic appearance earlier than usual trees. Fast growing trees improve air quality, create positive social atmosphere, become our gardens’, streets’, squares’ decoration and a concurrent of our town.

Some of the fastest growing trees and some of the most favourite fast growing trees worldwide:

Paulownia tomentosa (also known as the Foxglove Tree, Princess Tree or Royal Empress Tree) – a fast growing deciduous, shade, hardwood trees’ species, that originated in China. A fully mature Paulownia tomentosa is 9-21 m height. This tree grows to its full size in less than five years. A Foxglove Tree has large (about 30 cm wide), five-lobed and heart-shaped leaves (similar to burdock‘s leaves) that are good fodder.

Royal Empress Trees are fast growing flowering trees with beautiful, fragrant purple tubular flowers’ cascades that explode in spring (similar to lavender), therefore they are perfect for landscape gardening.  You can watch this tree growing every day: it grows up to 2,5 m during the first year and up to 7-8 m during the first three years.

Princess Trees can grow in any kind of soil and climate, their roots prevent soil erosion. Moreover, these trees are almost indestructible – their roots are very resistant, they are very resistant to insects and diseases, can survive fire and drought. It is easy to care of Paulownia tomentosa. The wood of these trees is quite sustainable.

Paulownia tomentosa is a long-lived tree, though it is a fast growing tree. It is a very environmentally beneficial tree – big leaves clean air by releasing significant amounts of oxygen; more leaves and fewer branches temper the sun’s heat, protect from wind.

Royal Empress Trees can grow both individually and in trees groups.

Royal Empress Tree Seeds-Paulownia Tomentosa-100+Seeds

Fast Growing Royal Empress Paulownia Elongata Trees

Acer rubrum “Summer Red” (Red Maple “Summer Red”, Summers Red Maple or Acer rubrum “HOSR”) – a fast growing, colorful shade, deciduous trees’ species. A fully mature “Summer red” is 6-9 m height. These trees have bright red, long lasting (from April till August), three-lobed or five-lobed, medium to small sized leaves during the whole summer season that return into brilliant golden in late autumn.

It is easy to grow and maintain a Red Maple “Summer Red”, as it can be planted almost in any soil and climatic conditions. This tree is very resistant to drought, heat, insects, funguses and diseases

Acer rubrum “Summer Red” are beautiful, spectacular, unique and gorgeous elements of the surrounding landscape.


Brussel’s Japanese Maple ‘Sharpes Pygmy’ Bonsai


Pink Trumpet Tree (Pink Shower, Tabebuia Rosea, Tabebuia Impetiginosa) – a fast growing, deciduous, tropical shade trees’ species. It is one of the most beautiful, showy and colorful fast growing flowering trees worldwide. A fully mature “Pink Trumpet Tree” is up to 15 m height. Tabebuia Rosea fast growing trees have few thick branches and compound, digitated, five-lobed variable sized leaves.

Pink Shower trees produce intense clusters of large, beautiful purple, pink. lilac and nearly white funnel-shaped flowers in winter and spring. These trees are very popular as ornaments in gardens, parks and streets.

Tabebuia Rosea prefers air temperatures ranging between 20-30 °C and full sun. These trees are quite resistant to drought, pests and diseases. The timber of the tree is used for furniture, boats and etc.

Inner bark and leaves of Pink Trumpet Tree have medical benefits: tea (called lapacho or taheebo) is used to reduce fever, also for decongestant and antibacterial purposes.


Tulip Poplar Tree (Tulip Tree, Liriodendron tulipifera, Yellow Poplar, White Poplar, Tulip magnolia) – a fast growing, large shade, deciduous trees’ species. A fully mature “Tulip Poplar Tree” is a large tree and can grow up to 50 m height. These fast growing trees produce solitary greenish yellow brilliant, attractive and fragrant flowers in spring.

The leaves and flowers of Tulip Tree are similar to tulip’s shape. These trees have bright green leaves that turn yellow in autumn.

A Yellow Poplar prefers good soil. This tree can have problems with scale insects, aphids and some diseases. Pollen of this fast growing tree can be allergic.

The wood of Tulip Poplar Trees is used for manufacturing of organs, clapboards, home interior and etc. Honey of the trees’ flowers is appreciable by bakers.


Thuja Plicata Excelsa (Excelsa Cedar, Western Red Cedar) – a fast growing, bushy, conifer trees’ species. A fully mature “Thuja Plicata Excelsa” can grow up to 45 m height. These fast growing trees are ideal for hedging or screening, as they are symmetrical and dense.

An Excelsa Cedar has dark green pungent, evergreen, scale shaped leaves and a conical, pyramidal foliage. Thuja Plicata Excelsa turn bronze in winter season The tree’s leaves has a fragrance of pineapple when crushed.

It is easy to grow and maintain these fast growing trees.


Caryota Urens (Fishtail palm, Toddy palm, Jaggery palm, Wine palm, Indian sago palm)– a fast growing, flowering palm trees’ species. A Jaggery palm can grow up to 20 m height. Caryota Urens palms look beautifully as ornaments of hotels, houses, airports. Unfortunately, these fast growing trees are short-lived (20-25 years).

Fishtail palms’ leaves are 6-8 cm long, pinnate, similar to the tail of a fish. These trees prefer good, well drained soil. The trees can survive in quite low air temperatures (up to -2º C).

Caryota Urens have much sweet syrup that is used for alcoholic beverages and granular sugar (jaggary). The wood of this tree is strong, durable and heavy and can be used for rafts, fences, planks, floor and etc. Toddy palm is useful in medicine as well: in treating headaches, snake-bite poisonings, rheumatism, teeth ailments, boils, alopecia and etc.

Trident Maple (Acer buergerianum) - a fast growing, beautiful deciduous bonsai trees’ species. This tree has three-lobed, glossy, small leaves that turn orange and red in autumn.Acer buergerianum prefers moist soil, its roots need to be pruned each year. These fast growing bonsai trees have a strong and thick trunk.

Oklohoma Redbud (Cersis Reniformis Oklohoma) - a fast growing, deciduous trees’ species. This tree can grow up to 9 m. Oklohoma Redbud fast growing trees are one of the first trees that flower in the early spring. The tree has dark pink, lavender, purple and red flowers that create spectacular view. Cersis Reniformis Oklohoma trees have dark green, thick, leathery, waxy, heart-shaped leaves that turn showy yellow in autumn. It is one of the nicest ornamental trees that are used for landscape gardening.